We seek to honor
people and planet
with every choice

Learn more about our company's practices and supply chain

Our company's practices

We've worked with Green Story to evaluate the social and environmental impact of our supply chain and obtain quantifiable information on how your purchases make an impact. You can find information on our overall impact on our homepage as well as the impact of a single purchase on each product page and upon checkout. If you'd like to learn more check out their Impact Report on Maven Women.

A range of women who span appearances, ages, and builds model our clothing. We never photoshop bodies or create imagery of women that is not an authentic likeness. Our models include both professional models and women who work in other areas. All of our models are inspiring women who live our values in diverse ways. We have partnered with values-based photographer Allie Mullin, environmental leader Verena Radulovic, anti-trafficking advocate Mark Story, and the Diversity is Beauty Project on our photography and our digital editing is done by Pixelz.

Our clothing is shipped to you using minimalist, recycled made in America packaging from EcoEnclose and we use carbon offsets whenever possible. We print our hang tags and clothing inserts on recycled paper at Indie Printing in downtown Los Angeles, which is close to both our factory and fulfillment location.

We aim to be as close to a zero waste company as possible and donate our fabric scraps to nonprofits and social enterprises. Domestically we donate to Regenerous Designs and other woman-led social enterprises. Any leftover materials from our fair trade production in India are donated to the Meher Road Foundation, a micro-enterprise skills training program for women that promotes environmental consciousness through upcycling. 

Our Core Values

Natural Beauty

We only showcase our clothing on women who live our values. We consider whether our imagery depicts a healthy, realistic view of women, which gives you the best sense around how our clothes will fit and flatter.

Supply Chain Awareness

We evaluate each step in our supply chain around its impact on people and our planet.

We seek partners who share our commitments to caring for people and planet.

Women's Empowerment

Most people who buy and who make clothes are women, yet fashion has often disregarded women's rights, safety, value, and voice. We only work with partners who share our commitment to supporting women.

Connectivity and Education

Ethical and sustainable fashion is growing and we want to propel the momentum. We seek opportunities to share knowledge with members of our community and partner with others who share our vision.

Elisha C.

Each Maven Women package that comes to you is lovingly wrapped and shipped from Los Angeles in partnership with Elisha C., a woman-owned, fair trade company. Their founder Elisha Chan is the Executive Director of Fair Trade LA and she also manages our quality control, shipping, fulfillment, and more. 

Elisha supports the creation and cultivation of a conscious supply chain for our American Eco-Innovation Collection on the ground in Los Angeles. She  has visited and interviewed employees at our partner Laguna Fabrics. and also regularly visits Lefty Production Company, where she conducts quality control on our pieces before they leave the factory. 

Our Collections

The Global Artisan Collection

This collection is created by Mehera Shaw, an artisanal, fair trade manufacturer in Jaipur, India. Their artisans use centuries-old techniques that preserve craft heritage and support decentralized production methods in rural India.

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The American Eco-Innovation Collection

This collection is made of a gorgeous eco Ponte de Roma fabric made of certified organic cotton and created in a family-owned factory in Los Angeles. Every step of the process is local and sustainable.

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Meet Rebecca

A public interest lawyer and nonprofit professional, Rebecca worked on worker rights, women's empowerment, poverty alleviation, fair trade, anti-human trafficking, and other issues related to sustainable fashion in the U.S. and around the globe.

Although Rebecca knew how complex and harmful the global garment industry could be, she had trouble finding clothing that fit her values, vocation, and aesthetic. When she spoke with other women she found that they shared the same desire. These conversations also shared another common theme: limited options for well-fitting, flattering, and stylish clothing.

It took three years of hard work with fabric sourcing, design, fittings, testing, partnership building, and quality control to create a product that is thoughtful about people and planet at every step. We are so grateful for the over 100 women who supported the creation of these stunning investment pieces.

Come journey with us and be part of the Maven movement!