Live a more beautiful life.
Educate yourself.
Shop well.
Honor people & the planet.

Make Beautiful Choices

Maven Women was founded to meet an unmet need for elegant day-to-evening attire that honors people and the planet at every step. We are serious about filling that niche and filling it well. We want to help you honor people & the planet with every choice you make. We are happy to share some places to find other types of attire, from activewear to evening gowns, that share at least some of our values. If you can't find what you're looking for here just contact us and we'll do our best to help out!  We also encourage you to consider the "buyerarchy of needs" and shop your own closet, that of a friend, or consignment. 

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Education is Power

Knowledge precedes action. At Maven Women we want to empower you to make choices in line with your values. We aim to combat the invisibility and lack of transparency so common in the fashion industry through sharing high quality information. There's a lot out there, so we've parsed through the options to create our top choices to help you vote with your wallet. We also aim to share diverse perspectives as long as they are well thought out and in line with our values.

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