People & Planet

Our Materials: Our designs are made to stand the test of time, as are our incredibly comfortable materials! Our American Eco-Innovation Collection is made primarily out of organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which also includes key labor rights standards for all processors and manufacturers. Our custom Made in America fabric is the first eco Ponte we have ever seen, a true technological innovation! It is knit and dyed by Laguna Fabrics, a Los Angeles-based family-owned and eco-conscious factory. We even have our fabric pre-shrunk through a special high-end treatment at Geltman Industries in Los Angeles, which is uncommon in this industry but important to us for our garments to fit and flatter impeccably over time. We work with our production studio to have zero waste, donating excess scraps from our product development or production to Regenerous Designs, a woman-owned, US-based social enterprise.

Our Production Studio: We are proud to partner with Los Angeles-based Lefty Production Company, a woman-owned manufacturer in Los Angeles. All staff at Lefty are paid a living wage and we are big fans of the warm, welcoming ethos of the company. Lefty shares our commitment to excellence and quality, having worked with high fashion designers like Christian Siriano and retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

Our Supply Chain: We aim to have as short and transparent a supply chain as possible. Sustainability is in our DNA and we aim to constantly make improvements in our environmental footprint and social impact. Our inaugural collection is shipped to you from Los Angeles by Elisha C., a woman-owned fair trade company whose Founder is also the Executive Director of Fair Trade LA. We purchase our recycled paper hang tags from Indie Printing, another Los Angeles company dedicated to eco-consciousness. We also use minimalist, Made in America packaging made from recycled materials when we ship our collection to you!