Ponte de Roma is an ultra luxe, thick yet breathable material. It has wonderful stretch, is opaque and wrinkle-resistant, and is incredibly flattering on a range of builds. Historically this material is made entirely out of harmful synthetics and untraceable materials, thus it took us three years to find an eco and ethical solution!

This collection is made of a gorgeous eco Ponte de Roma made primarily of cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Our Ponte is created by a family-owned, Los Angeles-based factory, Laguna Fabrics. We even invest in a special treatment to pre-shrink the fabric prior to production which takes places at the nearby Geltman Industries. This pre-shrinking makes it possible for you to wash our pieces and have them keep their shape instead of needing to dry clean, which is better for both the planet and your pocketbook.

For our development as well as production we partner with Lefty Production Company, a woman-owned manufacturer in Los Angeles. All staff at Lefty are paid a living wage and we are big fans of the warm, welcoming ethos of the company. 

The fabric creation, product development, production, and shipping and fulfillment of this collection all take place within a ten mile radius in Los Angeles. We are even able to forego the plastic polybags that clothes are often individually wrapped in due to the close proximity of this supply chain.

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