Rebecca's (Ethical, Sustainable) Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Although it’s often said that “it’s the thought that counts”, what is purchased this holiday season has huge implications for our world. Companies follow our purchasing habits closely and will then follow suit in the years to come. Huge industry-wide change can and will happen if we are more conscious with what we ask for and what we buy, and the lives of workers and health of our planet will be impacted based on our behavior.  

That sounds rather weighty for the holidays, right? It’s actually easy and fun to look for gifts for friends and family (or suggestions for gifts for yourself) that bring delight to all. Here is my list to get you started. I can vouch for each company/organization listed based on a personal connection with a founder and/or employee, some of whom are very close friends.

If you have additional suggestions please share them in the comments. 

~ Rebecca


  • Check out beauty products, jewelry, accessories, and more from Elisha C., whose founder Elisha supports Maven Women and manages our shipping and logistics.
  • Prosperity Candle, where one of my close friends formerly worked.

Fashion-Related Gifts for Women                                        

  • A gift card to Bead & Reel, so your giftee can take her pick from their beautifully curated collection. Their founder Sica is an incredible friend of both me and Maven Women.
  • A Maven Women dress with our special holiday discount and concierge gift-giving selection service! Get $10 off and exchange for another size or color through the end of the year by using the code GiveforGood, you can also e-mail for help selecting just the right style and size.

Fashion-Related Gifts for Men                                        

  • A gift card to Apolis, as we were delighted to meet the founder in LA and introduce our babes.
  • One of Virtu’s beautifully crafted basics, like their impeccably cut white button down or cozy alpaca sweater, both of which meet my very fashionable and selective husband’s seal of approval. Their founder Jason is a great friend.

Gifts for Friends Who Have Young Kids

  • A homemade gift certificate for babysitting. Pair this with a gift certificate to a favorite dinner spot or the local movie theater for an extra special touch.
  • A home cleaning service to make their lives easier. Make sure it's one that treats their employees well and uses eco products.
  • A community-supported agricultural share, particularly one that drops off at their house. 

For Those Who Have Had a Particularly Stressful Year

  • A gift certificate to a local spa, nail salon, and/or massage parlor to help destress. Once again, make sure that their employees are treated well.
  • Tickets to a concert/show that they would like, which could be anything from community theater to Broadway. It’s a great excuse to turn off the phone and focus on something else!

Charitable Donations

  • Our nieces and nephews delighted over picking their charity of choice on GlobalGiving, an amazing organization that helps you find the perfect match. They also have lovely, caring staff and live their values in amazing ways, and their co-founder Dennis is one cool cat. Want a recommendation for an organization on their platform? Check out Atlas Corps, an organization supporting a more globally-connected world and the growth of the nonprofit sector worldwide; their founder Scott is a great friend and I’ve previously hosted an Atlas Corps fellow in a past nonprofit role.


    Having a blast at the Fair Trade Fashion Show with Sica Schmitz.

    Introducing my son Nathan to the Apolis crew.


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