Get to know the women behind our most recent photoshoot!

Here at Maven Women everything we do aligns with our core values, including all elements of our photoshoots. We are thrilled to share some of the photos and stories behind our most recent photoshoot. Come join us in Durham, North Carolina

With this photoshoot we focused on imagery which would expand the diverse array of women in our website product images, as well as showcase the beautiful entrepreneurial women of Durham. A big thanks go to Alyssa Cherry of Fillaree, the host and co-creator of this fabulous photoshoot with sustainability at its heart. We invite you to learn from each of these women about what sustainability means to them and how it is core in their business practices.

Photographer Allie Mullin:

Allie’s work is rooted in empowerment; she wants her clients to be their truest selves when she makes their portraits and to be empowered to be themselves in their lives after their session. For Allie, sustainability means making choices that will allow her and her business to thrive for years to come. She limits the amount of work she takes on so that her clients receive her very best and so doesn’t sacrifice her body or spirit in the process. She practices boundaries around when to respond to emails, phone calls, and inquiries and prioritizes her health and safety during sessions.

 Model and Photoshoot Host Alyssa Cherry of Fillaree:

Founded in 2014, Alyssa Cherry started Fillaree in her home kitchen as a means of fulfilling what she saw as a need for nontoxic refillable soap and household cleaners for her eco-conscious family. Cherry taught herself how to make soap from scratch using only high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, and three years later, Cherry expanded her business and opened a storefront to meet a growing demand for Fillaree’s “wash, sanitize and refill” method.

Fillaree’s products now include bar and liquid soaps as well as home and cleaning products and personal care. All Fillaree products are zero waste, cruelty free, toxic/synthetic free, cruelty free, and vegan. Subscribers to Fillaree’s refill program receive a 32-ounce vessel of liquid soap, refill their containers, then send it back to Fillaree in a prepaid envelope where it’s washed, sanitized and refilled, and then shipped off to its next destination.

Alyssa is looking lovely in The Elizabeth dress.

Model and Stylist Daria Drake of A Life Aligned:

Daria Drake created A Life Aligned after beginning her entrepreneurial journey with an eco-conscious lifestyle brand. Her original mission to help steer the collective towards more sustainable living was sooo important to her –  so important that she would put the needs of her mission before her own – which she later figured out… was not sustainable!

Now she lives by her new definition of sustainability. As an advanced yoga and mindfulness practitioner, Daria helps Heart-Centered Leaders heal their nervous system so that they can create sustainable impact in their leadership – without the burnout and overwhelm we’ve been tricked into thinking comes with the territory! Daria’s work is to meet women where they are and guide them back to a place of self-agency, self-trust and centered calm, so that they can feel nourished, productive, and create the impact they were born to make. 

We love the many ways you can style The Carmen top, shown here on Daria.

Model Tiffany Griffin of Bright Black

Bright Black is a Durham-based company that uses scent as an artistic medium and candles as a platform to share positive narratives about Blackness. Their vision is a world where the complexity, beauty, and brilliance of Blackness is widely known, recognized, embraced, and celebrated. Bright Black is a conscious business which has a model that upholds the values of inter-being, cooperative economics, respect, and creativity.

Knowledge is power, and Bright Black candles share history, details, and current events that unfortunately are not mainstream. Their candles contain carefully handcrafted, deep and intense, custom scents; they are all-natural, vegan and phthalate-free coconut and soy waxes; lead-free wooden wicks; and a stunning modern design. All Bright Black candles are made with love.

Check out Tiffany in The Amira dress, which has a gorgeous handcrafted artisanal liner.

Model Aradhana Aggarwal of Aradhana Aggarwal CPA, PLLC:  

Aradhana Aggarwal, CPA is the CEO and founding member of Aradhana Aggarwal CPA, PLLC. She has more than 20 years of experience in financial and business consulting, personal and business taxes, auditing, advisory services and strategic business planning.

Aradhana Aggarwal CPA, LLC always strives to be more “green.” The firm prints on paper only when it’s absolute necessary, and when it does, it’s on a recycled paper.  Further, employees are allowed to work from home, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, consumption of fossil fuel, and needless energy usage. Employees are encouraged to recycle (at home and in the office), monitor their own energy use, and experiment with creative ways to cut the firm’s carbon footprint while providing excellent client service. 

We love the architectural detailing on The Courtney dress, shown here on Aradhana.

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