Developing Your "Uniform"

You’ve heard it before: successful people adopt a “uniform,” a style or way of dressing that both saves time and ensures they always look their best. Some of your friends or acquaintances may have streamlined their daily habits and personal style and opted for a simpler way of dressing. Interested in doing so yourself? It’s as simple and easy as answering a few questions, and then establishing and executing your desired outcome. Just think – your morning routine will become a breeze!

  1. What does your daily environment require?
    Do you have a business or casual dress code, or a combination of both?
  2. What do you wear most often? Dresses? Jeans? Pants, etc.? Not sure? Write it down.
  3. What do you feel and look your best in?
  4. What do others tend to compliment you on?
    Your favorite black dress? A particular pair of jeans?
  5. What items in your closet do you gravitate to the most? Write it down.

 Developing a fashion formula and right-sizing your wardrobe offers many benefits, such as:

  • You will gain valuable closet space. Depending on where you live, this can often mean a lot if your closet is as small as mine. (They must have used a fashion formula in the 1940s – closet space clearly was not as essential.)
  • You will free your mind from worrying what to wear each day. Adopting a signature look allows you to concentrate your energy on other things, i.e., your business, family, hobbies, exercise.
  • You won’t be beholden to every trend that emerges. And if you are a consistent trend follower, like me, don’t give it up; instead incorporate the fashion trends that fit your formula, i.e. shoes, jewelry, jackets, jeans, etc., and add them to your rotation.
  • You will shop smarter. Once you have your formula in place, shopping is much easier. If you prefer the flattering cut of a dress you often wear, buy that dress in other colors as well because you know it works.

Once you re-read and evaluate what you’ve established about your style, purge your closet of the items that no longer fit your formula. Keep the classic pieces that work well with your preferred items and determine what to consign and donate. Consign your classic pieces with Twist – you never know what might fit well with someone else’s fashion formula, and you might find something to add to your new style rotation.

Kristen is the owner of Twist Boutique, a new shop at 109 N. Fairfax Street in Arlington, VA that combines new and resale items at varying price points, whether including clothing, accessories, home furnishings or gifts. Click here to learn more about Kristen, and here to visit Twist’s website.

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