Black Lives Matter in fashion

Maven Women supports the Black Lives Matter movement. We continue to seek ways we can more strongly align with and amplify this movement that touches every area of our lives, including what we wear, how clothing is made, and how we view clothing and bodies. 
The fashion industry has a long history of exploitation of people of color in the United States and abroad, including linkages with slavery in years past and present. We’ve compiled a list of educational resources around the intersection of Black Lives Matter and Fashion. Please reach out if you have others to add.
We are the Maven Movement, a collective of women dreaming big and demanding more of themselves and others. We will continue our discernment and action, and we also welcome your suggestions on how we can be a more antiracist brand. 

BUSINESS OF FASHION: On Racism, Fashion Must Do More Than Speak Up

ECOCULT: 28 Black-Owned American Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Businesses

ECOCULT: 30 Beautiful Black-Owned Brands That Are Ethically Made in Africa



REFINERY 29: 49 Black-Owned Fashion Businesses to Support

REMAKE: Brands Are Today's Colonial Masters

REMAKE PODCAST: Elevating Black Voices in the Sustainable Fashion Movement 

SOJOURNERS: When the Color of your Jeans Promotes Exploitation

STYLEWISE: Representation in Sustainable Fashion, With Tavie Meier

VOGUE: 68 Black-Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands to Support Now and Always 

The above image is from the Fifteen Percent Pledge. 

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