As seen in the Fair Trade Fashion Show Blog: It IS All About You by Rebecca Ballard

Global governance has brought us some wonderful things over the past few years, with one of the most important achievements being the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Created in 2015 and adopted by all United Nations member states, these 17 goals are an urgent call to action for peace and prosperity for people and out planet. Goals range from ending hunger and poverty to building sustainable cities and communities, peace and justice, and innovation and infrastructure. When I look at the SDGs, they can seem daunting and “out there”, yet we all have the power to take action towards the SDGs in our everyday choices by choosing fair trade.

Fair trade makes the lofty ideals of the SDGs visceral and actionable on an individual level. Fair trade in fact long predates the SDGs, as it began over 60 years ago when Ten Thousand Villages started buying needlework from Puerto Rico and then expanded trade to poor communities in the Global South.



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